1. Cora has long hair. Cora is either F, H or I
  2. Rosemary does not want a Basset Hound.
  3. The Great Dane is to the immediate left of Ai. The Great Dane is not in E; Ai is not F.
  4. It’s a good thing Scarlet and Sadie do not have to stand next to each other, because they are currently beefing. The one in Position H is not involved in the drama. Scarlet is not H; Sadie is not H; if Scarlet is F, Sadie is not G; if Sadie is F, Scarlet is not G…(etc.)
  5. The Basset Hound is to the right of at least two dogs. The Basset Hound is not A; the Basset Hound is not B.
  6. The Irish Wolfhound is to Cora’s immediate right. The Irish Wolfhound is in either B, D, or E.
  7. Cora has a crush on Rosemary, and is jealous that there is one person in between them. If Cora is F, Rosemary is not G; if Rosemary is F, Cora is not G…(etc.).
  8. The one who wants a Husky is involved in the drama. Either Scarlet or Sadie adopted a Husky.
  9. The one who wants a Great Dane has short hair. The Great Dane is in either B or E.

The Great Dane cannot be in E because they need to be to the left of Ai (#3). Therefore, the Great Dane must be in B.

10. The Chocolate Lab is not in Position A.

11. There is at least one dog between the Basset Hound and the Irish Wolfhound.

If the Basset Hound is in C, the Irish Wolfhound is in either A or E, and they can’t be A, so they would be in E.

If the Basset Hound is in D, the Irish Wolfhound is in either A or B, and they can’t be in A and they can’t be in B, so this is impossible.

If the Bassett Hound is in E, the Irish Wolfhound is in A, B or C. They can’t be in any of those, so this is impossible.

The Irish Wolfhound must be in E. The Basset Hound is in C.

12. Rosemary is standing somewhere to the left of Sadie. Sadie is not F; Rosemary is not J; Sadie is either G, I or J.

F is not Sadie and it is not Ai; it is Scarlet, Rosemary or Cora.
A is not for the Basset Hound (C), the Chocolate Lab (#10), the Great Dane (#9), or the Irish Wolfhound (E); it is occupied by the Husky, who was adopted by either Scarlet or Sadie, who would be F. Since Sadie cannot be F, Scarlet must be F.


A= Husky, B= Great Dane (#9 + #3), C= Basset Hound, E= Irish Wolfhound. D must, by default, be where the Chocolate Lab is!

Sadie can no longer be G, because Scarlet is F; Sadie is now either I or J. She adopted the dog in either D or E: the Chocolate Lab or the Irish Wolfhound.
Since the Irish Wolfhound is in E, Cora is in Position I (#6). Therefore, Sadie must be in Position J, and must have adopted the Irish Wolfhound.

D–>Chocolate Lab–>I–>Cora

E–>Irish Wolfhound–>J–>Sadie

Cora isn’t next to Rosemary (#7), so Rosemary isn’t H, which means she’s G, and Ai is H.

B–>Great Dane–>G–>Rosemary

C–>Basset Hound–>H–>Ai

In Summation:


B—Great Dane—G—Rosemary

C—Basset Hound—H—Ai

D—Chocolate Lab—I—Cora

E—Irish Wolfhound—J—Sadie