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Music: Jessica Lange Does Lana Del Rey
(Not a huge fan of American Horror Story. Biggest fan ever of Jessica Lange.)

Movie Recommendation: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This is the funniest movie I have seen in a VERY long time, and hands-down the best movie I have seen in a theater in all of 2016. Heads up, though; it’s probably not in theaters anymore. Search for it online, or buy the DVD!

A couple consisting of a warmhearted, down-to-Earth woman and a grizzly, standoffish man fosters a juvenile delinquent named Ricky, who was abandoned by his mother. When Ricky’s foster mother, Bella, dies suddenly, foster father Hec warns Ricky that the authorities will soon be coming to take him away to a different family.

Ricky doesn’t want to leave, so he (incompetently) fakes his own death and runs away. Hec finds him, but hurts his own leg in the process, forcing the two to camp temporarily. Hec decides that, with his wife gone, there’s no reason for him to stay put any longer; he wants to go off-the-grid and live in the woods, on his own.

There’s just one hitch in Hec’s master plan: Ricky insists on coming with him.

TV: Opening Scene from SNL, December 3, 2016 (MUST watch the entire clip; they saved the best for last.)

Animal Corner: Giraffes!

Photo Credit: Paul Banton

Giraffes are the world’s largest mammals, and they have recently been moved from “least concern” to “vulnerable” status due to hunting and habitat loss. Nearly all subspecie of giraffe have experienced a decline in population over the last three decades, totaling a 40% drop since the 1980s. The sole exception is the West African giraffe, which, while having skyrocketed in population from only 50 in the 1990s to roughly 400 today, remains the least populous of all giraffe subspecie.

Why are giraffes so badass? Because they can grow up to twenty feet tall, their necks can grow up to six feet long, and their tongues can extend over a foot outside of their heads (source linked above). Because there are no other mammals even close to them in appearance anywhere in the world. Because in spite of their enormity, they are peaceful herbivores who cooperate beautifully with one another (and, at the same time, are notably independent– especially the males). Because they are largely non-vocal communicators who mystify scientists— and when they do vocalize, they are able to do so at a volume too quiet for humans to hear! (Such quiet noise is called infrasound.)

What can you do to help these majestic creatures stave off extinction?

  • Adopt” giraffes by making a donation and choose from a number of cool thank-you gifts via WorldWildlife.Org.
  • Petition (by calling, sending letters, emailing, signing existing petitions, etc.) African government officials to voice your support for bans against hunting giraffes and other policies that will protect them. Here‘s an example of what that might look like.
  • Support (by donating and/or spreading the word) giraffe conservation efforts based in Africa. Here is a sampling of some of the organizations in Africa currently working towards protecting giraffes from extinction.