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Music: Cigarette A Bana by Habib Koité and Kélétigui Diabaté

Movie Recommendation: ArrivalBased on the fascinating and deeply moving short story, “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang. Twelve spacecrafts land in various parts of the world, and it is up to one lonely, brilliant linguist named Louise (played by Amy Adams) to try to crack the new arrivals’ bizarre nonlinear language, with some help from her expert physicist sidekick, Ian. Louise and Ian work with extraterrestrials who have landed in the US, while teams like theirs communicate with the others around the world in a massive international undertaking. Soon, a translation made by China and some American right-wing punditry set the stage for the possibility of intergalactic war.

TV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, 11/13/16 (HBO Go required, or else Web surfing…) 

Animal Corner: 

Baby fox. Photo credit Ivan Kinslov.

Fox are cool because: they’re adorable when they’re young and handsome when they’re older; they use the whiskers on their legs and faces to navigate; they’re rogues unlikely to succumb to peer pressure; their vertical pupils help them see well at night; they have truly exceptional hearing; they are strikingly similar to cats, even though they are canines; and they have a rep for being pretty awesome parents, among countless other reasons.

The swift fox is currently endangered, while the Arctic fox population has only recently stabilized. Threats to fox include habitat encroachment; hunting; competition with other species, accelerated at least in part by global warming; and habitat degradation and fragmentation. Find out what YOU can do to help fox here and here!

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